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  • Course Name : Professional Investor Program
  • Course Duration: 4 Months   
  • Insignia Special Price: 35,797 

#Technical #Fundamental #Price-Action Basic to Advanced Combo Strategies Course (Live)

It’s time to say Goodbye to all your Stock Market worries!

Like a GPS, Insignia helps you to navigate through all the steps to becoming a successful trader.

  1. Advantage & Disadvantages over Technical Analysis
  2. Difference between Technical & Fundamental Analysis
  3. Market trends
  4. Introduction to market reversals
  5. Importance of Reversal Patterns
  6. Construction of candlestick patterns
  7. Hammer Candlestick
  1. Hanging Man Candlestick
  2. Concept of Short Selling
  3. Types of Trading outcomes
  4. Introduction to importance of  Stoploss in Trading
  5. Market participants
  6. Inverted Hammer Candlestick
  1. Shooting Star Candlestick
  2. Marubozu Candlestick (Power Candle)
  3. Doji Candlestick
  4. Spinning top Candlestick
  1. Understanding Support / Resistance
  2. Significance of Trailing stop loss method to ensure very high success rate in trading/investing
  3. Multiple candlestick patterns
  4. Engulfing Pattern Bullish
  5. Engulfing Pattern Bearish
  6. Harami Pattern Bullish
  7. Harami Pattern Bearish
  1. Piercing pattern Candlestick
  2. Dark cloud cover Candlestick
  3. Morning Star Candlestick
  4. Evening Star Candlestick
  5. Drawing Trendline and Support / Resistance
  1. Chart patterns - Trend Reversal patterns
  2. Double top Pattern
  3. Double Bottom Pattern
  4. Head and Shoulder Pattern
  5. Inverse Head and shoulder Pattern
  1. Introduction to Indicators and Strategies
  2. Moving average and related Strategies
  3. RSI and Related strategies
  1. Introduction to Fundamental analysis
  2. Introduction to Quantitative analysis 
  3. Introduction to Qualitative analysis
  4. Reading  and analyzing Financial Statements
  1. Reading and analyzing Balance Sheet
  2. Reading  and analyzing Cash flow statement
  1. Ratio analysis to get overall Idea of a company
  2. Dividends
  3. Holding patterns

#Adv Fundamental #Value Investing Value Investing using Adv Fundamental Analysis (Live)

With market expert trainers and teachers INSIGNIA aims to guide you through stock market experience. INSIGNIA is more a comfortable journey than just a learning process.  

  1. Type of Company/ Sectors Choosing For investment Purpose.
  2. Type of Company we need to avoid for investment.
  3. Common Mistakes in investment.
  4. How to Analysis a loan book on a Company.
  1. Valuation methods and There Use age in a company
  2. PE Ratio
  3. P/B Ratio
  4. P/S Ratio
  5. EV/EBIDTA Ratio
  6. Intrinsic Value of a Stock .
  7. Use Charts to understand and Find out some undervalued Stock using Screener.
  8. PEG Ratio  
  1. Assets and Inventory Turnover Ratio
  2. Debtors, Creditors and working Capital Days
  3. EBIDTA Growth and Debtors usage for stock picking.
  4. Cash Flow patterns and understand the importance.
  1. Free Cash Flow Concept
  2. Type of Capital Expense and Stock filtration.
  3. Screener watchlist Making.
  4. How to Compare peers Company.
  5. Backward integration  , Forward integration
  1. How to Analysis a Finance Company
  2. Holding Pattern Analysis
  3. Investment Strategy for dividend income.
  4. Annual Reports and Concalls Reading
  5. Credit Rating Analysis.
  1. Spilt , Bonus, Right Issue Concept .
  2. A Group discussion For how to build a portfolio.
  1. Mutual Fund
  2. Basic to advance ( Sip, STP, SWP)
  3. ETF Investing
  4. How to Analysis IPO.

Live project and Doubt Clearing

#Mutual Funds #Invesment Secret Of Multi-Bagging Through Mutual Funds (Recorded)

Flexible learning environment can make any difficult topic easy and smooth.   INSIGNIA is delivering so with its best suited career advanced courses for share market learners.

  1. Multi-Bagging Mutual Funds
  2. Different Categories Mutual Funds
  3. Ratio And Portfolio Analysis Of Mutual Funds
  4. Long Term Wealth Creation In Mutual Funds
  5. Global Investing Through Mutual Funds
  6. Smart Investing Skills

Invesmentor Platinum (6 Months)

Insignia aims to help you Make Consistent Income regardless of How the Market is doing…No Matter what your age, gender, education, or profession is.

You will get full access to in-depth research analysis of different market segments i.e Cash, Derivatives, Commodity and Forex Market. At the same time, you can avail a detailed study of upcoming IPOs and Mutual Funds to make an informed decision to grow your wealth.

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Premium Features

Experience the premium Stock market journey today!

INSIGNIA premium participants will be provided 12 Months access to the recordings of the live classes. Even after completion of the course they can avail help from these classes during their actual journey in the stock market. When you start your career as an investor or trader you may face many unforeseen problems and to solve those problems you may need to go back to your knowledge. 12 Months access to live classes would give you that opportunity by providing problem solving instruments at your hand.

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