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  • Course Name : Technical & Derivative Market Specialist
  • Course Duration: 3 Months   
  • Insignia Special Price: 28,098 

#Advanced Technical #Intraday #Scalping Complete Intraday & Swing Trading Strategies (Live)

Insignia aimed at shortening the learning curve for New Investors who are interested in doing Stock Market Trading, but don’t know where to get started.

  1. Double top
  2. Double bottom
  3. Cup & handle
  4. Wedge
  5. Pole and flag
  1. Support & Resistance
  2. Double top with Resistance
  3. Double bottom with Support
  4. Identify Breakout / Breakdown
  5. Identifying fake breakout/ breakdown
  6. Capturing price before Breakout
  1. VWAP
  2. Pivot levels
  3. ATR
  4. Moving average Crossover
  1. Finding the levels for Pull back / Retest
  2. Finding target
  1. Impulse wave
  2. Corrective wave
  3. Ratio of retracement
  1. Knowing Dynamic Support & resistance
  2. Knowing Seller & Buyer Position
  1. Why should we use this scanner?
  2. Get the Scanner that we use for STOCK SELECTION
  1. Double top/ bottom + RSI divergence (Intraday)
  2. Support & Resistance With Fibonacci ( Swing)
  3. Scalping Strategy in 5 min TF with Pivots ( Intraday)
  4. 15 min R3 breakout ( Intraday)
  5. Master Candle breakout in 15 Min ( Intraday)
  1. Money management
  2. Trading Psychology
  3. When to take trade
  4. When not to enter
  5. How to control emotion

#Derivative #fno #Option Strategy Complete Future & Option Trading Course (Live)

Now all the difficulties of stock market learning will fade away. INSIGNIA offers you super simple and easy ways for stock market learning.

  1. Introduction of Derivatives.
  2. Types of Derivatives.
  3. What are Futures?
  4. Types of Future contracts.
  1. Future trading benefits.
  2. Leverage & Margin concepts.
  3. Importance of Hedging & Roll Over.
  1. What are Options?
  2. Call Option explanation.
  3. Payoff charts.
  4. ITM, ATM & OTM explanation.
  1. Understanding P&L for a Call Buyer.
  2. Understanding P&L for a Call Seller.
  3. The basics of Option Chain.
  4. Understanding Open Interest.
  5. Payoff charts explanations.
  1. What is a Put Option
  2. Understanding P&L for a Put Buyer.
  3. Understanding P&L for a Put Seller.
  4. Payoff charts explanations.
  1. Concept of Long Build Up & Short Covering.
  2. Concept of Short Build Up & Long Unwinding.
  3. Introduction of Option Greeks.
  4. Understanding Delta & analysing its impact.
  1. Understanding Gamma & analysing its impact.
  2. Understanding Theta & analysing its impact.
  3. Understanding Vega & analysing its impact.
  4. Understanding Rho & analysing its impact.
  5. Summary of Greeks.
  1. Live Market Practice.
  2. Using Option Chain with Price Action.
  3. More In depth discussion about Option Chain.
  4. Option Buying Strategy with OI data.
  1. Concept of Bull Call Spread & Bear Call Spread.
  2. Concept of Bull Put Spread & Bear Put Spread.
  3. Introduction of Short Straddle & Short Strangle.
  4. Introduction of Long Straddle & Long Strangle.
  1. Iron Condor strategy & analysis of Payoff charts.
  2. Butterfly strategy & analysis of Payoff charts.
  3. Option buying strategies.
  4. Trading psychology & Risk management.
  1. Live Market Practise
  2. Observation of Option buying strategy.
  3. QnA discussion.

Invesmentor Platinum (6 Months)

Insignia aims to help you Make Consistent Income regardless of How the Market is doing…No Matter what your age, gender, education, or profession is.

You will get full access to in-depth research analysis of different market segments i.e Cash, Derivatives, Commodity and Forex Market. At the same time, you can avail a detailed study of upcoming IPOs and Mutual Funds to make an informed decision to grow your wealth.

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INSIGNIA premium participants will be provided 12 Months access to the recordings of the live classes. Even after completion of the course they can avail help from these classes during their actual journey in the stock market. When you start your career as an investor or trader you may face many unforeseen problems and to solve those problems you may need to go back to your knowledge. Life time access to 12 Months would give you that opportunity by providing problem solving instruments at your hand.

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