#Ultimate Gateway to Stock Market Success INSIGNIA Personalized Series III


Learning Module - 1 (LIVE)

Basic to Advanced Combo Strategies Course (Live)

It’s time to say Goodbye to all your Stock Market worries! Like a GPS, Insignia helps you to navigate through all the steps to becoming a successful trader.

Learning Module - 2 (LIVE)

Complete Intraday & Swing Trading Strategies (Live)

Insignia aimed at shortening the learning curve for New Investors who are interested in doing Stock Market Trading, but don’t know where to get started.

Learning Module - 3 (LIVE)

Forex Trading Strategies Using Technical Analysis (Live)

With all technical and analytical details of stock market INSIGNIA is offering a complete learning system encouraging a beginner to be a smart trader or investor.  

Mentorship Modules

Invesmentor Platinum (6 Months)

Insignia aims to help you make consistent income regardless of how the market is doing… No matter what your age/gender/education or, profession is.


You will get full access to in-depth research analysis of different market segments i.e Cash, Derivatives, Commodity and Forex Market. At the same time, you can avail a detailed study of upcoming IPOs and Mutual Funds to make an informed decision to grow your wealth.

Get the first-ever weekly newsletter in Bengali with a premium study of Cash, Derivatives, and their important updates along with market trends with professionals. 

Now stay away from the limitation and chat immediately with the NISM Professionals. Explicit all your doubts related to investing through instant chatting.

Get professional supervision and hand-holding guidance on your stock portfolios based on market movements, charts, data, and the latest insights.

Sharpen your confidence in the stock market through hands-on practice with the touch of experienced Professionals in LIVE MARKET HOUR.

Make a clear idea about how to build a powerful portfolio by following the strategies of all the experienced Mentors and get success through your investments.

Grab the opportunity to clarify all your doubts and queries about the stock market personally with NISM Certified Professionals word-for-word.

NISM certification for various Securities Market Participants and Intermediaries is mandated by SEBI. INSIGNIA Premium Programmes offer special support to get through NISM certification examination easily. It is compulsory to get this certification to pursue career as a share market professional.   

Exclusive Benefits

Premium Features

Experience the premium Stock market journey today!

INSIGNIA premium participants will be provided 24 Months access to the recordings of the live classes. Even after completion of the course they you can avail help from these classes during their actual journey in the stock market. When you start your career as an investor or trader you may face many unforeseen problems and to solve those problems you may need to go back to your knowledge. 24 Months access to live classes would give you that opportunity by providing problem solving instruments at your hand.

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